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We Never Learn (Bokuben) Season 2: update And Details

We Never Learn Season 2

In this post, we are going to talk about We Never Learn season 2 update, returning characters, and more details. While the fans are busy watching the episodes, the second season has finally concluded last week. With the first season concluding, a very obvious question is revolving, which is about a second season.

First of all, there will be a fourth season, which has been confirmed. However, if you ask us, this is the only confirmed detail available about the second season that it is supposed to happen. Everything else you hear as of now might be a rumor. We got a update announcement tweet, which you can check out below, only if you know Japanese of course!

While the preview video of the second season does not give out too much, it confirms that all the fan-favorite ladies are supposed to return. At least, that will surely help fans to know that the show will have what they loved in the first season. Additionally, a special OVA episode of the first season is supposed to release on 31 October 2019.

If we talk about a update, then we do not have any. It might be possible that the show might return this spring, which is less likely. But we can surely expect a 2020 update, and April might be the ideal choice as the first season started airing in April this year. Also, the second season could also have 13 episodes, although it has not been announced yet.

We are awaiting more official details to make sure we do not just have all the speculations. Hence, we will keep monitoring all the progress of the show and update this article if there is an update regarding the show.

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