All New Survivor Season 39 Cast And All You Need To Know

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Survivor Season 39 update, Cast

Some former Survivor contestants have a particular place in our hearts, and we love seasons that brings them back together onto our screens, very like ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction.’ As the finale for Survivor: Extinction is tonight, fans are already excited about what they will see in the upcoming season of the CBS series. Reports and rumors about Survivor season 39 started to pour out as the show recently wrapped its filming.

Survivor Season 39 Cast(Survivor: Island of the Idols)

Details concerning the cast of forthcoming people that can be on Survivor season 39 are beginning to trickle out, and based on Inside Survivor, the rumored cast will include faces like Dan Spilo, a star supervisor, and Molly Byman, a teacher and law student. Other fascinating picks include a skilled poker player Ronnie Bardah and Lauren-Ashley Beck, a journalist.

Survivor Season 39 update

Survivor Season 39is set for September 25. Survivor: Island of the Idols will premiere on Wednesday, September 25 at eight p.m. on CBS. The premiere is expected to be a 90-minute episode. According to sources, “players will be sent to the Island of the Idols throughout the season via various methods, and while there they have a chance to gain advice and advantages from a pair of past champions.”

Survivor Season 39 Location

Some sources also confirmed, Survivor Season 39 will function Sandra Diaz-Twine and Rob Mariano as advisors to the contestants. Also, as long-time fans know Jeff Probst on multiple occasion has spoken about his love of Fiji, and upcoming season 39 was additionally filmed on this very island nation.

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