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Read One Piece 988 Spoilers Leaked: Raw News Manga

One Piece

As the time for the next chapter of One Piece manga to release nears. Spoilers have already started to make their way through the internet. Last week the manga was on a break. And this time around, it is finally the time for the next chapter’s spoilers that we will be looking at shortly. The spoilers that are leaked so far are only part of the chapter and we will be updating this post as soon as more spoilers and updates are released.

Keep in mind that from now on we will be entirely focusing on One Piece Chapter 988 spoilers. So if you do not like spoilers it is better you stop reading at this point. The major announcements made also revealed that after the upcoming chapter, the manga will go on a break. This means that there won’t be a new chapter next week and the manga will return with One Piece chapter 989 a week after that.

One Piece Chapter 988 will be officially released this upcoming weekend on Sunday, 23 August 2020. For now, we will be looking at the partial spoilers for One Piece chapter 988 as they are leaked and we have managed to get all the latest updates below courtesy of One Piece subreddit.

One Piece

One Piece

The chapter name is revealed to be ‘I’ve waited a lot’ and the cover shows what looked like someone who was shooting back at pound/probably the marines.

The first scene in the chapter focused on Kaido’s fight against the Scabbards on the top of the Onigashima dome. The developments have shown Jack reaching the top of the dome where the fight is taking place.

We also saw the three Musketeers, Sisilian, Giovanni, and Concelot, together with the Guardians, Blackback, and Roddy who transformed into their Sulong form to face against Jack.

Another interesting event showed Sanjin going up against King and on the other side Brook appeared on a scene with Big Mom. Well, this is as far as the leaked spoilers go and we will be updating this article with more spoilers as soon as their translations are finished.

More Spoilers

Kaidou is about to fight the Minks but Jack and some of his subordinates arrive at the roof of Onigashima to help Kaidou. One of the Numbers is with them, he’s Number 7 and looks like a japanese Oni in Momotarō’s tale.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were about to get the revenge on Jack but their subordinates (Guardians and Musketeers) said them they should focus only on Kaidou. They and the other Minks will handle Jack and Beast Pirates. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are agree and then all Minks transform into Sulong.

Back to the Live Floor in Onigashima. Shinobu tries to free Momonosuke but King notices her and throws Shinobu into the wall. However, at that moment Momonosuke chains are broken and then Momonosuke mysteriously flies away.

King stops Momonosuke in midair and we discover that it was Sanji the one who saved Momonosuke. Sanji praises Momonosuke for his courage and throws him to Shinobu. King transforms into Pteranodon and crashes into the wall along with Sanji.

Luffy wants to go fight Kaidou in the roof but Big Mom blocks him. Big Mom uses “Elbaf no Yari: Ikoku” attack, Luffy manages to dodge it but the attack penetrates Onigashima walls all the way out into the sea.

The samurai are shocked to see Big Mom’s power and wonders how they will manage to fight now that there are 2 enemies at the level of Kaidou (Big Mom and Kaidou of course). Big Mom summons Zeus back to her, Zeus doesn’t want to go but he cannot refuse.

Then Big Mom prepares to use Zeus’ Thunder to kill Nami but Franky and Brook arrive to save their nakama. Brook cuts Zeus in two (again) and Franky slams “Kurosai” motorcycle right into Big Mom’s face…

Another major update made you should not forget is that One Piece chapter 989 will be released on Sunday, 6 September 2020. So the manga will be on a break for the rest of the month with the last chapter of this month coming up this Sunday.

You will be able to read the latest chapter of One Piece officially on Viz Media and Manga Plus official websites. Don’t forget to check out other updates on our websites n the meantime. So new spoilers updates are likely to be released within a day or two. So we will be bringing you more updates by then.