Digimon Adventure Episode 17 Preview, and Spoilers

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Digimon Adventure

Let’s enter the Digimon Encyclopedia and explore some of the adventures with Taichi and his crew. Today we will be looking at Garurumon who evolves from Gabumon and his level is champion. He is a beast who is speedy and can confuse enemies in battle he makes a perfect pair with Yamato. His special moves are foxfire and his furs are weapons. Let’s see what the latest development has to offer for us down below.

Yamoto’s team manage to defeat the group of Mammon and Yukidarumo meanwhile Tachi’s group appears somewhere in a city. They are both surprised saying that they are back in the real world. Taichi’s crew and his Digmon are happy seeing that everything is fine in the city. The power failure is over there is no danger and everything is normal. Taichi asks if the disaster has just ended and they now know that Tokyo is saved. They are surprised how it happened because they have not found the Holy Digimon yet.

This week’s post is about Digimon Adventure Episode 17 preview, and recap. Let’s take a look at this Anime schedule below then move to the latest development below.

Digimon Adventure Episode 17 will be released on Sunday, 27 September 2020, at 9:00 AM JST. This Anime releases its new episode every Sunday. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming episode, so make sure to be careful when you continue. Allow me to take you to some of the development of this Anime below.

Digimon Adventure
Digimon Adventure

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 16

Mimi is happy that now she can take shower. They both explore the city and went home and they think that Sora took care of the Digimon that was causing disaster. Mimi and Palmon went to the restaurant to get some food. They find that the seller of the food is the human-robot. They both find out that everything is fake and Agumon save Mimi from the human-robot. Taichi notices that the robot changes into a Digimon and the other Digimon allies appear.

They started fighting with them and they decide to escape since they keep on regenerating. Mimi asks why there Digimon in Tokyo and Taichi replied that maybe they came when they were not around. Taichi asks Agumon to help him out and Agumon enters a super evolution. He transforms into Greymon and uses Megaflame to destroy everything. Later they find out that they are still in the Digital world.

The city they are in is made from the data it is an artificial Tokyo. Taichi said that it means their real world is still in danger. In the real world at Tokyo Taichi’s mon and Hikari left a message for him. The wrote that they will be at his grandpa’s place when he returns he must call them. Back to the Digital world, they both enter their Digimon into super evolution to clash with the villain called Eyesmon. They defeated Eyesmon using Horn Buster. After that, they find that they only have 72 hours to save Tokyo.

Digimon Adventure Episode 17 Preview


That’s the latest preview and updates about Digimon Adventure Episode 17. For the next episode updates, we will be bringing them next week as soon as the new episode is released. You can also visit the Anime’s official website on www.toei-anim.co.jp and watch it on Crunchyroll

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