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PAC12 Football Schedule 2020 – Here is everything you need to know

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2020 Pac-12 Conference football season was initially planned to take place on September 26, 2020. Due to the COVID19 and government restrictions over the public gathering, the soccer season got delayed. It’s announced during the start of this year that event will kick start during September 26, 2020, and continue till the later part of the year. The event was planned to happen at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada later it was altered along with the event schedule. Pac-12 is a collaboration of several athletic associations which is located in the western part of the United States. On ¬†August 11, 2020, it was officially announced that all the events that were planned to happen during the fall of this year got suspended. Soccer is one of the most-watched athletic sports around the globe. There are millions of active followers actively engaging themself in enjoying the football events. Most of the European countries have their country team along with many club teams competing with one another. It’s estimated that more than a million dollars are spent in maintaining the football fields in the US.

PAC 12 football 2020 will consist of 12 teams participating from the western part of the United States. Each team will consist of participants from the local clubs. The event will take place over the month schedule consisting of play-offs and knock out matches. The 12 teams participating in the event is split into two divisions based on the geographical location. North Division and South division are the two divisions, each division consists of 6 teams. Based on the latest official information we have gathered team details from both the divisions.

North Division Teams

  • California,
  • No. 14 Oregon,
  • Oregon State,
  • Stanford,
  • Washington,
  • Washington State.

South Division Teams

  • Arizona,
  • Arizona State,
  • Colorado,
  • UCLA,
  • USC,
  • Utah.

PAC 12 Football Schedule 2020

The season will take place over the seven weeks time period and will be ending on December,19,2020. All the teams from the two divisions will be competing against one and another. Based on the points scored, teams will be leveling up and the teams with fewer points will be moved out of the competition. Knock-out matches will happen during the end of the season before the final match. We have gathered PAC 12 Football Schedule 2020 from the internet sources.


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On November,07,2020

  • Arizona vs Utah,
  • Arizona State vs USC,
  • Stanford vs No. 14 Oregon,
  • UCLA vs Colorado,
  • Washington vs Cal,
  • Washington State vs Oregon State.

On November,13,2020

  • Utah vs UCLA

On November,14,2020

  • Cal vs Arizona State,
  • Colorado vs Stanford,
  • No. 14 Oregon vs Washington State,
  • Oregon State vs Washington,
  • USC vs Arizona.

On November,20,2020

  • UCLA vs No. 14 Oregon.

On November,21,2020

  • Arizona vs Washington,
  • Arizona State vs Colorado,
  • Cal vs Oregon State
  • USC vs Utah,
  • Washington State vs Stanford.

On November,27,2020

  • No. 14 Oregon vs Oregon State,
  • Stanford vs Cal,
  • Washington vs Washington State.

On November,28,2020

  • Arizona vs UCLA,
  • Colorado vs USC,
  • Utah vs Arizona State.

On December,04,2020

  • Washington State vs USC.

On December.05.2020

  • Colorado vs Arizona,
  • UCLA vs Arizona State,
  • Stanford vs Washington,
  • No. 14 Oregon vs Cal,
  • Oregon State vs Utah.

On December,11,2020

  • Arizona State vs Arizona,
  • Utah vs Colorado,

On December,12,2020

  • Cal vs Washington State,
  • Oregon State vs Stanford,
  • USC vs UCLA,
  • Washington vs No. 14 Oregon.

Final championship mathes will take place after the completion these schedule.