Pokemon 2019 Episode 47 Spoilers, and Recap

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Pokemon 2019

From the recent development of Pokemon, the trio teams up to take down Mugendian but he overpowers them. Mugendian’s powers started to increase and Rose is happy that he will get his revenge. After an intense battle, Goh and Santoshi summons a gigantic super ball and capture Mugendian. They defeated Mugendian with the help of two legendary pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta. Those two vanish in the sky and they left Goh and Santoshi with sword and shield as a present. The world went back to a normal peaceful world.

Let’s find out what adventures are waiting for Goh and Satoshi here. One Pokemon is said to hold all the genes of all Pokemon that is Mew. Sakuragi explains that Mew has been detected from the psychic energy. Satoshi asks if it means Mew is out there and Sakuragi said it can be true. Goh said that he might get to catch Mew and they both said they wanted to go and meet Mew. Sakuragi gave them the tickets to go in search of Mew and Koharu left for school.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 47 Recap

Pokemon 2019 Episode 47 will be released on Friday, 27 November 2020, at 6:55 AM JST. The new episode of Pokemon is released every Friday. These Anime release its latest new episode every Friday. Beware of the spoilers of the next episode, so make sure to be careful when you continue. Watch this Anime officially on Netflix. Move down below for more about Pokemon.

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 46

Satoshi and Goh ask where they can find Mew and Sakuragi ask Kikuna to locate it for them. Kikuna reveals that there was only one landmass in the area where the psychic energy was detected. The isolated isle of Cello Island is surrounded by steep cliffs that keep people away and it is very mysterious. Satoshi said that it gets him fired up and they travel on the boat to capture Mew. The two reach Cello Island and Goh uses his special sensor to pick up Mew’s psychic energy. They started to encounter different Pokemon and the battle and catches them.

They got chases by Mankey Pokemon and Goh is surprised why they stop chasing them.  The Mankey are chasing them for capturing one of them. Satoshi calls Goh that they are inside the sinking bog and Goh gets to safety and saves Satoshi from sinking. After getting out they summon Messon who sprays then with water cleaning the mud that is covering their clothes. Sometime later they encounter the legendary Clone Pokemon Mewtwo. Goh said that he is going to catch Mewtwo and learns more about him.

Mewtwo said that he is the strongest pokemon and he is created to be the world’s strongest. Satoshi asks Mewtwo to battle with him and he agrees. Mewtwo decided to battle Goh and Satoshi in a 2v1 battle. Mewtwo proves that he is the strongest and started to smash Pikachu and Aceburn. Pikachu got defeated and Satoshi calls out Lucario to join the battle. After a long battle of dominance Mewtwo defeated them. They both speak their heart out and Mewtwo vanishes along with his pokemon crew. He told them that they still have a long journey and it has just begun.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 47 Preview


That is how we conclude this post with all of the latest updates above until we meet next time. For more updates about this Anime, we will be back next Sunday. After the new episode hits, we will bring new updates and news about Pokemon 2019.

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