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Playing For Keeps Season 3 update: Is The Show Renewed For A Third Season?

Playing For Keeps season 3
Playing For Keeps (Credits: Network 10)

Playing for Keeps is an Australian drama series that started to air on Network 10 back in September 2018. The series is based on a concept by Rick Maier, who is the network’s head of drama. The series focuses on the wives and girlfriends of the players at the Southern Jets Football Club.

Playing For Keeps season 3 update

Playing For Keeps (Credits: Network 10)

Here is the cast of the series:
Madeleine West as Kath Rickards
Annie Maynard as Maddy Cochrane
Cece Peters as Paige Dunkeley
Olympia Valance as Tahlia Woods
Isabella Giovinazzo as Jessie Davies
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Brian Rickards
George Pullar as Daniel Fletcher
Jackson Gallagher as Connor Marrello
Kevin Hofbauer as Travis Cochrane
Ethan Panizza as Rusty O’Reilly
James Mason as Jack Davies
Ben Chapple as Liam Flynn
Jess Bush as Kendall Pereira
Paul Ireland as Andrew Macleish
Miriama Smith as Dr. Lauren Gambi
Alicia Banit as Karlie Lum
Georgina Naidu as Toni Chadha
Nick Russell as Brody Schneider
Christopher Brown as Neil Murray
Tom O’Sullivan as Nate Sabo
Kasia Kaczmarek as Joanna Zielinksi
Alison Whyte as Diane Marrello

The show was renewed for a second season by Network 10 on November 14, 2018. The second season began airing on October 16, 2019. The second season is set six months after the season 1 finale. Like the first season, the second season amassed a lot of popularity. It was considered to be a hit among the audience. The show’s popularity continues to soar with each passing day. So, it seems really obvious that the show will be renewed for a third season.

It would be very surprising if Network 10 decides to drop this show even though it has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews from both the audience and critics. For the time being there is no news about the third season. So, we will have to keep waiting for a while before we get any updates from Network 10.