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Bite Into Me Chapter 2: update, Raw Scans, and Updates

Bite into me Manga just made its debut with the release of its very first chapter earlier on December 17th. In this article, we will be talking about “Bite into me” update schedule, where you can read its Manga and also discuss possible spoilers for the upcoming Chapters. The first chapter begins when Ak paid his former teacher, Chizuru a visit to tell her that he got accepted at the school he had applied for.

Bite Into Me Summary

The Manga follows the story of Ak, a high school freshman who visits his former teacher, Chizuru who has become a shut it at her own house. The teacher used to provide him with moral support when he was still in middle school but she gave up teaching and had led a life fo reclusiveness ever since. When he catches her, by accident drinking blood and having aversion to sunlight, he discovered that she might be a vampire.

Bite Into Me Chapter 2 Spoilers

When Ak went into Chizuru’s place, he found her doing her house chores. Her house was rather dark, and it seemed as if Chizuru was drinking some blood, but Ak dint notice. Ak was suspicious of the smell the house had and wondered why it was always dark inside. Chizuru could hardly restrain herself not to bite Ak as she is now a Vampire and ended up nearly biting him which just left Ak confused. Within the knick of the time, she told Ak that she had become a vampire. When Ak was leaving he told her that he understands and would even give her his blood if needs be.

Bite Into Me Chapter 2 update

The very first episode of the Manga was just released a few days ago. Whit no other official release schedule revealed this will probably be one of those Manga that is released on a weekly basis. The chapter was not that long, so this means that we can expect the second Chapter to be released by the 24th of December 2019.

Where To Read Bite Into Me Manga?

The Manga is created and published by “PschoPlay” group. You can read its new chapters as soon as they are available from Patreon, you can find them by the same name “PsychoPlay.” They are also available on discord, and as you use these official platforms and supporting the original work when it becomes available, you will be helping promote the Manga creators and its publishers.