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Sexy in Pink chapter 11 Raw Scans, and Details

Sexy in Pink chapter 11 update and Details

Sexy in Pink continued earlier this week with the release of Chapter 10 of the Manga. In this article, we are going to talk about Sexy in Pink chapter release schedule for its upcoming chapters, we will also talk about where you can read the Manga’s Latest chapters as soon as they are released and later on talk bout potential spoilers for the upcoming chapters.

Sexy in Pink Summary

Sexy in Pink Manga is about a high school P.E teacher, Hanami Haruamki who is responsible for daily morning entrance duties at the school gate. As she looks Tomboyish and bit awkward, she meets a new student, Urara Momojima who has a surprisingly natural and striking pink hair. Momojima took an immediate liking to Ms Harumaki and constantly wants her attention. As they are both not so smart with this, they eventually grew closer to each other.

Sexy in Pink chapter 11 Spoilers

MomoJima was stuck in Ms. Harumaki’s house as it was there was heavy rains outside. So she called her mother to tell her that it’d be a while before she returns as she will be waiting for the rain to stop. When her mother requested to talk to Ms. Harumaki, she asked her to take care of Momojima for the night as the situation of the rain just got worse

Sexy in Pink chapter 11 update

Sexy in Pink Manga release schedule has been going about one chapter in every 5-6 days. Chapter 10 was just released on the 16th of December, this means that Chapter 11 will be already out by the 21st of December if the Manga sticks to its schedule and there are no delays

Where To Read Sexy in Pink Manga?

The manga is scanlated and released by “Cyan Stream” group and you can always read it from websites like Mangadex that also links to raw scans. Note that raw scans are released 2-3 days before new chapters are released, so we advise you to read from official sites only as this will help the Manga creators.