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I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 76: update, Raw Scans and Spoilers

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 76 update, Scans and Spoilers

SungHoon had finally met someone from his world and is looking forward to talking with her as they have important matters to discuss in the latest chapter of “I Am The Sorcerer King.” This manga released its latest chapter on the 27th of January 2020 with the release of chapter 75. So in this post, we are going to talk about ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 76 scans, update, and spoilers. This post will contain spoilers, so feel free to skip the spoilers section if you do not find them to your liking.

‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 76 Spoilers

‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 76 Spoilers

I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 76

SungHoon is in talks with a Siren he had earlier made a deal with as they agreed that she would be telling him about her race’s ancient knowledge. So in exchange, SungHoon will protect and guide the Siren race from its destruction. The Siren offered the said knowledge in the form of pure water that he can drink, he managed to withhold it as it is said to contain a vast amount of experience that could be difficult to process. In return, SungHoon told her that he could locate the Siren’s race and bring them into the sanctuary, but protecting it will be a little difficult.

‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 76 update

This Manga releases new chapters weekly, with new episodes released late on every Sunday. Chapter 75 was released on the 27th of January 2020. This means that Chapter 76 will be released on the 2nd of February 2020. You can use more information below to get the latest chapters as soon as they are released. Make sure to regularly visit our site as well as we will bring you updates as soon as a new chapter is released.

Where Can You Read ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Manga?

As of now, there is no official website for you to read [manga name here] manga online, it is available on Kakao Page magazine so you can support the creators by buying the magazine. We highly advise you to support the official releases as this helps the creators.

What Is ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Manga About?

The story happens ten years ago when the monster horde from the rift formed from space and time started attacking humans. At the same time, people have begun to awaken the power to hunt the monsters and began hunting them for fame and money. Lee SungHoon, in need of money to cure his mother’s sickness, takes a dangerous job to help kill the monsters four times a month by acting as bait. When he was heavily injured by a monster and ended up remembering about his past life as a sorcerer-king Kratraus, his overpowered magic begins to show up.