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Shunichi Yoshizawa’s Gundam NT Anime’s First 23 Minutes Aired

Gundam Nt

Many of the video airing services aired the first 23 minutes of the Gundam NT anime with the same time as its theatre release. Not only the streaming of the first 23 minutes was offered, but it was also streamed with subtitles of 5 languages, including English, French, traditional Chinese, Korean and simplified Chinese.

The anime was initially released in Japan on 30th November and now is all set to be released in the U.S on 19th February with English dubbing. In the very first month of its release in Japan, it was ranked 4th. It is giving us the notion that an anime is a decent hit in Japan. However, it is yet to find out how the anime will work its charm in the United States.

According to the sources, the anime has become the muse for the novelists and the manga creators. The novel based on the said anime will be telling the past stories of the anime characters. For both the manga and the novel Harutoshi Fukui will be given credit for the story and for the original work Hajime Yatate will be credited.

The anime plot is summed up as follows:
Two years ago when the Rx-O unicorn Gundam 03, w seemed to have been banished, is going to show up on the face of the earth again. However, the Black Lion and the White Unicorn have shut away for the good of people. And they may never show up again.

The anime is also comprised of the Gigantic combat between the two full psycho- frame mobile suits which are shown to be beyond human knowledge.

Gundam Nt is a Shunichi Yoshizawa directorial anime. Kumiko Takahashi has acclaimed the character crafting credits, Eriko Kimura is the sound director, and of course, Harutoshi Fukui has praised the script credits. The anime is crafted at Sunrise Studio.