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Beastars Chapter 171 Full Spoilers: Did Legosi Eat Kyuu?

Beastars Chapter 171 Full Spoilers
Beastars Chapter 171 Full Spoilers

After the recent turn of events in Beastars Kyuu has turned out to be more suicidal in her acts and it turns out that she wouldn’t mind if Legosi eats her. Legosi had been fasting for a long time and he gets really ferocious and now that he has been spending a lot of time with Kyuu this only raises up his natural instincts to kill and eat as Kyuu is technically a prey and food to Legosi. Beastars Chapter 171 Spoilers are released and have been translated from the Manga’s raw scans:

Chapter 171: Staring into my lips and threatening me

I always thought it was an urban legend…
…until my head was inside Legosi’s mouth.

They said for herbivores, inside a carnivore mouth…
…is already a death place.

So when you’re in there…
…you can see the Sazu River/River Styx.

But the river doesn’t have much water
and the land looks so dry
It represents my dire and poverty life itself

My parents were in need of money, they sold me to the livestock market when I was born.

They decided my price and locked me in cages.

And even when I escaped, I have no money for education until now

Update 1

  • Kyuu: Such a gloomy story.
    Kyuu: My 21 years of life… the river…
  • Legosi: Forry, Kyuu-han…
    Legosi: Do you haf any infury?
  • Kyuu: Looks like this guy’s “Sanzu river/River Styx” is enough to drown me
  • No kidding, I would still be poor when I die.
  • At the last minute, when the water was up to my knees, I thought “This is the end of my life”, I wanted to cross the river. But looks like I can’t achieve that either
  • When I realized about it…
    …that day, I sold my info about Legosi for money.
  • Kyuu: You stack up all the cash in front of me to make it looks like there’s a lot
    Kyuu: You’re good at making business, I see.
  • Melon: Let me know if Legoshi takes some action. It’s enough profits for make up for your guilt, isn’t it?
  • Kyuu: … You know, I don’t care if you win or what would happen to the back alley market
    Kyuu: I just want to make my life a little better
  • My life keeps on being sold.
    My world is just about animals selling animals.
  • Legosi: Kyuu-san.

Update 2

  • Legosi: Day 2 of fasting…
    Legosi: It’s a bit… harder than I thought. So I came here asking for help.
  • Legosi: I finally noticed that I’m actually a big eater…
    Legosi: Every night at school, I ate 2 bowls of rice… Does this bag have rice in it?
  • Kyuu: He’s so hungry he can’t even think straight… yet he can stand still.
    Kyuu: That is just the beginning. It will be harder in 2 or 3 days.
  • Kyuu: When you bit my head, I heard your stomach grumbling
    Kyuu: For your ferocity to show up, you have to be “hungry”
  • Legosi: …Is that so…
    Legosi: Still… I want to ask…
  • Legosi: Just for once…
    Legosi: I have a request…Kyuu: …What?
    Kyuu: You already want to eat me after only 2 days of fasting?

    Legosi: No… It just…
    Legosi: As my specie, it’s really an embarrassing request, so

  • Legosi: Please tell me… to “Stay”
  • Legosi: Preventing myself to eat until the duel… is too much for me.
    Legosi: But if someone say “Stay” to canines like me, I’ll be waiting until death.

Update 3

  • Kyuu: It’s amazing that such a specie would throw their lives just from a single word.
  • Legosi: Of course it depends on the one to speak.
    Legosi: Since you have been close to me, your word is strong enough for me
  • Kyuu: Just “Stay”?
    Legosi: Yes
    Kyuu: For real?
    Legosi: That is a special word for us canines, I will protect it.
  • Kyuu: What the hell?
    Kyuu: I suddenly thought he would keep his promise to death and it hurts my chest.
    Kyuu: I’m just so weak, that’s why I keep on being poor like this.
  • Kyuu: Nope!
    Kyuu: You’re being way too open for me.
    Kyuu: I don’t want to hold such heavy responsibility.
  • Legosi: But aren’t we fellow disciples? …Please say it.
    Legosi: Just say “Stay” please?
  • Kyuu: I don’t want to say it!
    Kyuu: Don’t threaten me!
  • Legosi: JUST SAY IT!
    Legosi: “STAY”!!
  • Kyuu: I won’t say…
    Leogis: Then I will make you say it
  • Legosi: Why can’t you such say that single word…?
    Legosi: Kyuu-san
    Legosi: Are you hiding something from me…? Just say it now.
  • (Note: “Stay” in my translation comes from “Mate” in English – pronounced as “Mah-teh”)
  • Kyuu: Mmm… Ah
    Kyuu: S.. (Ma..)
    Kyuu: St… (Ma…)

Update 4

  • The nose and mouth of mammals are connected.
  • When the upper and lower jaw are sliding down, it creates a Y-shape
    And by hanging upside-down like this, they can only make a “Shh” (“Mah”) sound
  • This wolf…
    …when he gets hungry, he’s really ferocious.
  • Kyuu: Shut…
    Kyuu: …your…
    Kyuu: …mouth!
    Legosi: Oof
  • Legosi: Cursing at me just makes me more hungry
  • I can expect how abnormal he is…
  • Legosi: The act of stay is our canines’ specialty
    Legosi: My body will keep on heating up until you say “Good boy”
  • Legosi: That’s why… When my mother told me “Wait until we can see each other”, I waited for so many years so it wasn’t that bad… For “Stay” I can wait much more…
    Kyuu: What the hell are you talking about?
  • This guy is plain crazy, stupid,
    ferocious, straightforward,
    and honest by his own specie.
  • I betrayed you because of my craving for money
    To you, i’m just a small and shameful being.
  • Kyuu: …Stay…
    Kyuu: Stay, Legosi.
  • Kyuu: And when I’ll be saying “Good boy”…
    Kyuu: …please eat me.
  • I’m so weak.
    I’m begging you
  • Legosi: What are you saying?
    Legosi: When I hear you say “Good boy”, I’ll already have beaten Melon.
  • Legosi: Look, my body temp is already rising.
    Legosi: My hands are warm now.
  • Legosi: Thank you for the long “Stay” command.
    Legosi: I will protect my words.
  • Zaguan: Legosi… Is he going to be okay?
  • Zaguan: He haven’t came out of his room for days…
  • Sign: Do not enter
  • SFX: *grind grind*
  • One week until the duel.

Last word: Next week, the reason behind the noises…?

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