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Ninjago Season 11: Episodes, Titles, And Predictions

Ningao Season 11 update

Ninjago is a computer graphics animated show run by Cartoon Network that first saw its first turn back on January 14, 2011, created by Tommy Andreasen. Ninjago is based upon a line of popular Lego toys building franchise that features four ninja warriors: Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay, that makes his way through the many battles the future has laid ahead in front of them as they prepare to fight the Dark Lord Garmadon and his evil skeleton army.

These ninja warriors go through death and perils to go to the depths of the underworld to be able to retrieve the golden weapons of Ninjago. Season 11 of Lego Ninjago is subtitled Rise of the Oni, and it picks up on the story we saw during season eight. Kai being the focus ninja in this story. The Alpha is the antagonist whereas The Oni are the villains to beat in this installment of the Ninjago Series.

Season eleven is also based on the tenth season of the Lego Ninjago Series Masters of Spinjitzu, March of the Oni. This season takes place in a world where the Darkness that Lord Garmadon spoke about. This darkness isn’t the Oni but has the villains from the first two seasons of Ninjago return.

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Ninjago Season 11 Prediction

The official description of the Ninjago Season 11 reads as follows: “With the Departure of the Overlord, something went wrong and the Oni came to NINJAGO, to continue their goal to cover all the lands of creation, in darkness. The ninja, however, must not let the Oni destroy Ninjago so they must find the Golden Armor in order to succeed and stop the Oni.

Ninjago Season 11 episode names

The first episode is called “The Truth.”
The second Episode is called “Armor of the Golden Master.”
The third Episode is called “Reforging.”
The fourth Episode is called “The Greatest Fear.”