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Jay And Silent Bob Reboot: update, Cast And Plot

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Kevin Smith teased the update for the JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT which was Fall 2019. This is the second time when the famous duo started in their feature-length release, the last time been in 2001 which was named Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. That film wasn’t that impressive, and these two characters have held to their first appeared in 1994’s Clerks.

In this story, we follow the pair as they traveled across the country to Los Angeles so that they can stop production on a Bluntman and Chronic movie – Bluntman and Chronic. Smith has recently revealed the plot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and the fans know exactly how much the upcoming film mirrors the original in terms of plot. In this movie, the trip across the country to LA is made to stop a Bluntman, and Chronic reboot and Smith has pointed that the entire film mocks sequels, remakes, and reboots while still being all those things.

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot update

After the initial announcement that Jay and Silent Bob would be returning, things are speeding up for the Reboot. The news on the production was revealed by Smith himself when he appeared on The Mike Calta Radio Show and revealed a Fall 2019 release day is planned. Also, when Calta asked whether the fans would have to wait once the shooting is finished to which Smith replied, “Oh listen, no, I think we’re out in the fall.

Yeah, it’s a quick turnaround.” If things go as planned, the reboot will shoot for 21 days and the time frame is same, but the budget is much greater than the 1994 cult-hit. The fans will enjoy the Jay and Silent Bob’s sequel if it releases Fall 2019. Some might say that the quality of the movie might be wrong, but we are talking about Kevin Smith who 48-year-old filmmaker has always done things his way and has maintained a strong career while doing it. He knows these characters and knows his abilities, meaning fans can likely expect Jay and Silent Bob Reboot sooner rather than later.