Banana Fish Review

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Banana Fish Review
Banana Fish Review

Banana Fish is a unique anime that follows the dynamics of interactions between Eiji Okumura and Ash Lynx. Ash is a gang leader who gets into a relationship with Eiji, who is only a photographer. The series is noted as a crossover success between shōjo (girls’ manga) and shōnen (boys’ manga) audiences and for its influence on the boys’ love (BL) genre.

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Banana Fish, while deemed to be of action, thriller, BL genre, is by no means a light-hearted show. The anime deals with mature themes like human/child trafficking, drugs, violence, and trauma. Banana Fish follows the journey of 17-year-old Aslan Jade Callenreese, known as Ash Lynx, who was raised by a mafia boss Dino Golzine. Ash finds himself in a vortex of suspense after getting his hands on a certain drug called Banana Fish. At the same time, he is looking after his older brother, Griffin, who is traumatized by the Iraq War. Surprisingly, the only words Griffin can form are the same as the drug’s name.

Eiji Okumura, a former 19-year-old pole-vaulter suffering from injury, assists Shunichi Ibe on their report of American Street Gangs. Skip, one of Ash’s friends, introduces the two photographers to Ash in a bar. Ash finds himself attracted to Eiji. To his demise, their meet-up is disturbed by Dino’s men. There begins the adrenaline-rushing chase as Ash tries to break free from Dino and ultimately overthrow his kingdom. The story asexually depicts Ash and Eiji’s relationship because of Ash’s abusive past. Eiji is okay with it as he is kind and understanding.

Banana Fish resides in the viewers’ hearts because of the gentleness of the relationship between the two boys all the while, their worlds collide and disappear into chaos. In short, Banana Fish gives you that roller-coaster ride with an interesting start, a dynamic plot, and a befitting end.

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