BattleBots Season 4 Episode 6 ‘Buckers and Brawlers’ Online Stream Details, Release Date, And Updates

BattleBots season 4 episode 6

BattleBots season 4 is heating up like never before. BattleBots season 4, episode 5 was a great one to behold. This episode was titled “A Family Affair.” In this episode, we got to see Minotaur trying to just jump back into the contest against Gigabyte, but Gigabyte proved to be too strong as Gigabyte was the victor. Another battle was between Captain Shrederator against Witch Doctor in which Witch Doctor prevailed with a KO.

Also, Whiplash and Vasquez were able to defeat Whyachi and The Ewerts. Other victors in the episode were the likes of Uppercut, Black Dragon, Huge and Shatter. Overall the episode was good. Now, talking about the upcoming episode of BattleBots season 4. This episode is titled “Buckers and Brawlers.”

Now, some spoilers may follow so continue on your own risk if you hate spoilers. In the new episode of BattleBots season 4, we’ll get to see the battle for the top 16 getting even though and hot which is super cool for fans. The main event of the new episode will be between Bite Force and Bronco. From here on out no team is a favorite one to win as every team has to give it their all to be victors at the end.

BattleBots season 4 episode 6 is going to be released on 12 July 2019. You all can catch the episode on Discovery. Also, the episode will be available to watch online as well on as well. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on BattleBots season 4 and how it is going so far?

Also, tell us what your predictions regarding the main event of BattleBots season 4 episode 6 between Bite Force and Bronco are. I think that the next episode will be the best one among all the episodes in season 4 so far. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of BattleBots.

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