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Read Kingdom Chapter 653 Spoilers, and Recap


The good war that Sen-Tou and Man-U have been waiting for has now begun, with the Man-U army along with Sen-Tou dominating Moubu’s army. Man-U army is sweeping off Moubu’s army. Sen-Tou notices that Moubu’s army has reinforcement but he doesn’t care about that. Kukuku and Moubu are angry looking towards their enemies and Rei wants to avenge the death of Ribukun. The Qin manages to send Lis with enough men to dive into the battle.

Moubu’s army is planning to first take out the Rokoumi’s army and they have ordered the archer to stretch out. This is a bloody battle Tou, Genyu, Sen-Tou, Man-U-Rokoumi, Hakure, Kouyoku, and Moubu are ready to take each other’s head out. Sen-Tou killed some enemies who are diving into the battle while saying that ” I told you to stay away.” At this rate of the battle Roukumi’s death is near and it won’t take long.

This week’s post is about the Kingdom Chapter 653 a recap of the last chapter. The battle is on let’s see how Moubu’s army will survive the strongest Man-U, Sen-Tou, and other enemy’s army. Let’s take a look at the schedule of this manga below.

Kingdom Chapter 653 will be released on Friday, 11 September 2020. The new chapter of the Kingdom can is released every Friday or Saturday. This post may contain spoilers of chapter 653 so proceed with caution if you don’t like the spoiler. Kingdom won’t take a break next week. Take a look at the recap and more details below.



Previously on Kingdom Chapter 652

After wiping his enemies near him out Sen-Tou thinks that it is better for him to hurry up and take Moubu’s head. Sen-Tou can’t decide what to do but he wants to kill Moubu first. The archers are ordered to fire the arrows towards Roukoumi’s army who are still far. Roukoumi notices the danger is coming towards them and he orders all the troops to turn around and withdraw for now. One of the generals said there are 100o enemies behind them.

At Moubu’s HQ Moubu’s son thinks that the fight is too much for them to take they must come up with another plan to approach the fight. Moubu does not want to fall back and his son is worried about him since he doesn’t want to retreat. The reinforcement decided that they must support Moubu’s army and attack the enemy’s right-wing. Moubu is killing all the enemies in front of him without falling back.

All the armies stopped fighting after hearing the sound of something coming towards the battle. They both find out it is the Wei army, commander Gouhou-Mei is leading the army. Sen-Tou army receives orders from HQ to attack Wei’s army after rotating to the right. Sen-Tou is too confident about himself he thinks that he can fight both Wei and Qin at the same time.

At Moubu’s HQ Moubu’s son told the soldiers that anything can happen now the must not let the emotions control them. He also told them that they haven’t received any official acknowledgment of Wei’s army accepting the alliance. Suddenly the generals receive a message from Wei, Junie introduces himself to Moubu’s HQ.

He said that he is sent by Gohou-Mei and Moubu’s son is shocked to see him. He introduces himself that he is Mouki strategist of HQ. Junie said that Mouki must feel free to fight any enemy. Wei will stand by Qin’s side and vanquish the forces of CHU. Mouki is happy that Wei has accepted their alliance Junie promise that he will take down CHU’s army to fine dust.

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