Starbreeze Will Restarts Working On Payday 2

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Payday 2 DLC
Payday 2 (Credits: Starbreeze Studios)

Starbreeze recently revealed that they will be resume work on Payday 2, with some changes, in order to get the company back on track financially. This announcement was made on the Steam Community by CEO Mikael Nermark, who said clearly that the company is currently struggling and how it’s aiming to make changes to its roadmap ahead. In the beginning, Nermark explains the background of Starbreeze going into reconstruction, a process similar to US Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Payday 2
Payday 2 (Credits: Starbreeze Studios)

The company is still alive even though they are being very short on funds, but now the company will be making some changes to assure they can keep going. Note, this includes the developing content for its successful game, Payday 2. But in the process, Nermark recognized openly that the studio is “breaking a promise,” which he says the company doesn’t take lightly.

New Content For Payday 2 Is Coming Very Soon

The Ultimate Edition will be replaced by a new Payday 2: Legacy Collection. Moreover, the studio is also adding back an a la carte option for individual DLC and more Payday 2 content is coming as well, said to be coming soon. They have teased the upcoming content for the game on the steam and that DLC already has a steam page. This DLC is called PAYDAY 2: Border Crossing Heist and it is set to release in November of 2019.

The team that is working on this DLC is OVERKILL and there are also some screenshots for this but they don’t reveal that much information about it. The studio is struggling because of the low sales of its Walking Dead game. The game wasn’t well-received by the audience or the critics. Hopefully, because of these DLCs, the studio will be back on track and will hopefully return to its former glory.

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