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Apex Legends’ New Update Nerfs The New Charge Rife

Apex Legends
Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legend’s newest update has severely nerfed the newest gun in the game which is named Charge Rifle. This new gun was introduced to the game in season three of the game called Meltdown. There was a patch before this one which too nerfed this gun but this one made some significant changes to it. One of these changes was to the Charge Rifle’s attachments. The players can no longer equip extended energy magazines to the Charge Rifle and instead of that the base magazine size of the Charge Rifle will be increased to 12.

Charge Rife

Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn Entertainment)

This was the size of the magazine when it had one energy extended magazine equipped to it. When now fired, Charge Rifle will now be able to fire four shots per magazine and every shot will use three ammo. The fire rate of the gun has been reduced. As for the charge time and speed both are similar as it was before. But in order to use it again you will have to wait a bit longer between each shot. The damage falloff has been changed for the Charge Rifle.

There won’t be a bullet drop but the gun will do less damage to the enemies that are 150+ meters away which is 90% damage but it doesn’t stop there as the damage will decrease on those 400+ meters away which will only deal 30 damage. When this is all combined, it makes killing an enemy with rare or higher-tiered body armor and helmet with this weapon a lot harder now. But Charge Rifle will be extremely good for mid-range combat fights.

It will be interesting to see how the players will now use this weapon and how good it will be after this nerf. This new update of Apex Legends has introduced many things like a new map named World’s Edge, and playable legend, Crypto. Right now there is a Halloween event going on the game that introduced Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event, which adds a limited-time zombie mode called Shadowfall to the game as well as teases a new playable Legend.