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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s First Patch Is Here

Call of duty modern Warfare patch
Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Credits: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been finally released and the critics like the game very much. After the release, the developers Infinity Ward rolled out the very first patch because there were some issues at launch. The first patch of the game made a few changes to playlists but it also includes fixes for a variety of issues, some of which were spotted by players quickly.

Patch Notes for the First Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This patch brings three alterations to the game’s playlist which is that it adds FFA, turns on the Ground War game mode, and also removes the 10v10 Domination option from Aniyah. This patch was mainly for the bugs that were present in the game. And these were no small bugs as it crashed the game for the players which happened to players across all platforms. There were numerous players that pointed out this issue about complained crashes which ruined their experience but hopefully it has been fixed now.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Credits: Activision)

The other fixes were for Xbox which made improvements to ADS while using scope-less weapons and also ensuring that camos unlock properly. The “Best of the Best” and “Elite Sniper” challenges have also been fixed to track and display correctly, and an exploit in Gunsmith which was available to mouse and keyboard users has been removed. As for the PC version, the developers noticed two errors that the players have run into. The fixes for these errors won’t be included in the patch bit the studio does recommend to players what they should do if they encounter them.

The first one is ‘Dev Error 6065’. To which Infinity Ward said “We’re currently working on a fix for this and appreciate your patience. Lowering your graphics settings can help in the meantime”. The second one is ‘Dev Error 6165,’ in order to fix this error, developers provided instructions “Players encountering this issue should try a ‘Scan and Repair’ through the application. If this isn’t successful, a full reinstall might fix the issue.”

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