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Junichi Masuda Backs Decision To Exclude National Dex

Pokemon Sword And Shield
Pokemon Sword And Shield (Credits: Nintendo)

Pokemon Sword and Shield have come under a lot of scrutinies and that is mainly due to the National Pokedex being missing. You would have read about it in the news or maybe even seen memes about it. There is no denying that it has caused a huge stir.

Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield (Credits: Nintendo)

Producer Junichi Masuda explained the decision of the team and he said that he’s proud of it. He said, “It’s not necessarily that it’s made us rethink things per se, but what we are always looking at for the future is what we can do to make the most interesting game possible and make a more enjoyable, richer experience for the fans.”

He also said when new moves and abilities are added to the game, it creates a deeper experience for everyone. Matsuda clearly said that giving people more attachment to the Pokemon is one of their main priorities.

He also said that Pokemon Home is also on the way. So, the fans can also enjoy that game. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are set to release on November 15 on the Nintendo Switch.

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