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Netflix’s The Witcher Set Details Confirm The Inclusion of A Fan Favorite

The Witcher
The Witcher (Credits: Netflix)

The Witcher will be getting a new trailer soon. A few days ago, few images were revealed by the official Netflix account. These pictures showed different scenes and the most eye-catching photo was that of Geralt. During a set visit, a particular scene was seen being filmed that revealed a new character for the show. The character that has been confirmed is Prince Duny. He was previously known as Emhyr var Emreis. The fans of the original story would definitely remember him and the curse that was placed on him.

The curse on Prince Duny was placed under the order of the Usurper. This curse would turn him into a hedgehog looking creature until midnight when he would return to human form. The curse was eventually removed with Geralt’s help. The quest to remove the curse is a very long one. There are many battles to be fought.

The Witcher Netflix

The Witcher (Credits: Netflix)

It seems that the fans will be able to see Princess Pavetta and Duny in his hedgehog form during the show. This also confirms one more thing and that is the person who is seen fighting alongside Geralt in the throne room in that first trailer is Duny,

Here is the translated description—

“In reality, of all this, we see with our own eyes only the great hall of the castle of Cintra where we see the construction of a complex scene featuring Princess Pavetta and the accursed Prince Duny (who has the head of a monstrous hedgehog).”

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