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Taskmaster: New Villain In The List Of Avengers

Taskmaster avengers

The most mysterious villain for many of the avengers is now ready to show some action. Yes, you saw it right. We are talking about The Taskmaster. The taskmaster is a kind of different type of villain from other villains for avengers like Loki, Thanos, etc. According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Taskmaster is one of the enemies who will affect the maximum number of avengers. The power of the Taskmaster is slightly different from others. This means for the rest of the enemies, they have their own particular powers, but in the case of Taskmaster, this is not so. Taskmaster can learn any superpower of different Avengers. And can use it against them and for other Avengers too.

Recently trailer of Black Widow got launched, and in that trailer, Taskmaster is now introduced. You will get to see how Taskmaster takes on Natasha Romanoff in the Black Widow. Black Widow is arriving in theatres on May 1 just Five months before full Taskmaster role will be introduced. But for now, The casting of Taskmaster is also unknown. As per the sources, O-T Fagbenle can play the role of the Taskmaster.

What are The Taskmaster’s powers?

The main thing about The Taskmaster is that he can duplicate the powers of maximum avengers and can be used on different avengers with high intensity. Taskmaster can predict the next move of his opponent. He can mimic voices too by mimicking other throat muscles.

Taskmaster introduced in the 2002 comic series. Taskmaster has a long history, and many can explore too as starting from his teaming up with Deadpool, even his role in secret avengers. But the whole story of Taskmaster will be finally revealed only after the Black Widow release on May 1, 2020