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Boruto Chapter 31: ‘Monster’ Official Spoilers and update – Naruto Fights Delta

Boruto Chapter 31 Spoilers

Hey everyone! It is Boruto manga week, and we have the spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 31 out already. By the looks of it, this is an incredible chapter with lots of fighting going on. Naruto and Delta are at the center of it all, as we predicted earlier.

So let’s begin discussing the chapter. Keep in mind that the spoilers in this post are legit. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here. If spoilers don’t bother you we can get started. With that out of the way, we can finally begin. Boruto Chapter 31 is titled Monster, and it opens up with Delta asking Naruto to hand over Kawaki. Obviously, Naruto refuses.

Delta then goes on to attack Naruto, who dodges her attack and thrashes her body into the ground. Delta launches a counterattack and. Naruto dodges again. It seems Delta can transform her body, just like Kawaki. She produces spikes from her legs, and is able to stand Naruto, who is now in his chakra cloak.

Naruto has a hard time dealing with her, and she is also able to pin him to the ground and stab her. Naruto has a huge hole opened in his gut as Delta takes out the spike. She asks him why he is saving Kawaki. Naruto responds with a few questions of his own, and she gets mad. She understands that Naruto is only playing with her and not using his real power.

Boruto Chapter 31 update

This is because he wanted her to reveal everything to him before she tried to finish him off. Naruto praises her on noticing that, and starts getting a bit more serious. This time, it seems they’re more than even with Naruto and Delta attacking each other ferociously.

It seems Delta can also absorb Ninjutsu with her eyes. At the same time, she promises to take Kawaki with her and detroy Naruto while she’s at it.

Boruto Chapter 31 will release officially on Monday, 28 January 2019. The scans will be out today, on Friday, 25 January 2019.

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