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Swamp People Season 12 Plot, Cast, and Details

Swamp People Season 12
Swamp People Season 12

Swamp People is an American reality TV series that is aired on History Channel. The series is created by Dolores Gavin and has attracted a huge army of a loyal fan base. The series has various extensions on the gaming arena and the binge-universe as well, which is the result of its fan following only.

The series has already bagged two spin-off series in its name. One of them is named Outback Hunters, which revolves around the hunters of Australian Crocodiles, and the other one is Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry, whose lead cast captures creatures causing a local problem.

The gaming titles attached to this series include Angry Swamp, which is termed as ‘Arcade-style game’ and features Troy Landry from the original show. The other gaming title is named Swamp People, which is a hunting simulation game.

What is Swamp People Season 12 Plot?

The series follows the daily adventures of the gator hunters whose action intensifies in the month of September when the hunting season begins. Their living is primarily dependent on hunting American alligators, and thus, they can be termed as ‘primal hunters in the modern age.’ They live in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin.

The series showcases the heated killing action in the 30-day killing period on the historical swamplands of Northern Louisiana, which is a part of America’s last frontiers.

Each hunter in the killing period is issued a number of tags. The goal of every primal killer is to run out of tags before the Season ends so that his part for the Season is over, and he is left to enjoy the proceeds of the living in terms of money.

The show also features sporting and social life of the hunters, which also includes fishing. The series has broadened its shooting horizon onto the borders of Texas swampland and other parts of Louisana.

The standout feature of the show is how the hunters manage to lead a traditional life in the digital craze, and the predictability of the hunting game keeps the audience hooked, wanting for more. We get to experience and understand the struggle made by our root ancestors with the safety of our screens.

The show also inspires the audience in a dynamic way. We are often bowed down by the minimal ups and downs in life and create problems in our head which don’t exist. However, the primal hunters of the show survive and thrive with intense socialization with zero percent security on their lives.

Who is Swamp People Season 12 Cast?

The narrator of the series is Pat Duke. Among the leading cast of the primal show includes Bruce Mitchell, Ron Methuen, Glenn Guist, Jay Paul Moilinere, Willie Edwards, Jacob Landry, among others.

Over the seasons, we have seen a significant change in the cast crew of the series due to it’s a challenging environment set up. Hence in every new season, we always expect new faces along with old warriors.

When is Swamp People Season 12 update?

The series has the policy of releasing every new Season at the beginning of a new year. Hence, we expect Season 12 to be airing on History Channel on January 2021 along there is no official word as of now. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.