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Attack On Titan Chapter 115 Spoilers – Levi’s Death Confirmed

The spoilers for Attack On Titan chapter 115 is here, and this chapter might not bode well for Levi fans. It can be remembered that Levi was thrown after the explosion of the thunder spears attached to Zeke. Levi was caught in the explosion and was seen flying in the air because of the impact. In this chapter, Hajime Isayama did one thing that will surely surprise the fans of the series.

Attack On Titan author Hajime Isayama is known for making endearing and diverse characters. However, he is also known for killing his characters easily if the plot suggests. And oh boy, everybody that bites the dust in this series goes down in a very spectacular way, except Levi. According to the leaks that were released about the recent chapter, Hange and her company found the body of Levi laying in the ground. He was damaged because of the explosion, with blood flowing from his nose and mouth. The translation of the leaked image below is “Levi?”.

In another part of the spoiler, it was revealed that Zeke, who was speared and bounded in the last chapter, also died because of the explosion. However, something weird happened in his body. A mindless titan found his corpse lying on the ground. For some reason, this mindless titan opened his stomach and put Zeke inside. The titan transformed into Zeke in his human form. While nobody can still explain what happened from the leaks, it seems that Zeke survived and we will still see him in the next manga chapters.

In addition, this chapter will cover Eren and Zeke’s discussion in Liberio four years ago. It will also be revealed that Eren finally unlocked his dad’s memories. What happened to Eren during his time at Liberio? What are the things that he and Zeke discussed? That’s it for Attack On Titan chapter 115 spoilers.