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V-Wars Season 2 Plot, Renewal, and Cast Detals

V wars season 2

Ian Somerhalder had just completed his work as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and already returned for Netflix’s new comic adaptation V Wars. Theof season 2 has not been confirmed yet, but by calculating the time gaps, we can wildly guess that the time will be around December of 2020.

Has V-Wars been renewed by Netflix?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 16/12/2019)

What is V-Wars about?

The story revolves around a scientist, Luther Swann. A virus comes into the show, which turns humans into blood-sucking vampires, including Swann’s best friend Michael Fayne. The situation leads to a war between the two groups. Star Somerhalder expressed his excitement about the introduction of two Indian characters. Talking about season two he said, it will allow them to know their characters better as they head towards the new season. The Indian characters that will get introduced in season two will star as a father and a daughter.

The show will be mainly based on the V Wars comics. It is also expected to follow the second comic anthology V Wars: Blood and Fire. If season two goes as planned, then the unstable peace between the humans and the vampires would collapse, and war will take place once more, started by the vampires. No matter how the story progresses, the show will portray a complicated relationship between the humans and the vampires.

Who is in the cast of V-Wars?

Ian Somerhalder will star as Dr. Luther Swann and Adrian Holmes as Michael Frayne. The other casts would include Peter Outerbridge, Laura Vandervoort, and Kyle Breitkopf unless they don’t survive a vampire bite or stake through the heart. The show is a highly anticipated one as it is full of action and war-themed. Filled with death, horror, and suspense, fans cannot wait until the second season arrives. Here is the official main cast of the show we know it:

  • Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann
  • Laura Vandervoort as Mila Dubov
  • Jacky Lai as Kaylee Vo
  • Sydney Meyer as Ava O’Malley
  • Kyle Breitkopf as Desmond “Dez” Swann
  • Kandyse McClure as Claire O’Hara
  • Adrian Holmes as Michael Fayne
  • Peter Outerbridge as calyx Niklos
  • Kimberly-Sue Murray as Danika Dubov

V Wars Season 2 update

V Wars will be released in December of 2020, which is easy to predict as Netflix likes to keep the release periods the same for the majority of the shows. The first season was released in December 2019, so we expect the next season to release in December 2020. Talking about what will happen in the next season, star Ian Somerhalder said, “Going into season two, we will get to explore characters that we are really excited about. There are two amazing Indian characters that we are going to put together – a father and a daughter.” So, we are excited about the next season!

V Wars season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix!