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My Hero Academia Chapter 222 Predictions, And Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 222 update And Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 221 was an incredible chapter to me, and it maintained the perfect start to this arc that we’ve been having. Of course, there was nothing major in there because we’re just at the beginning of this new arc, but it just shows how much potential this new arc carries. I’m enjoying it to the fullest, and I hope you guys are too.

In Chapter 221, we saw Gigantomachia fighting against the League, and they were about to get smashed. However, the Doctor saved them. Using the Quirk that All For One used in the Kamino district to transport people, he got them here and asked Shigaraki a personal question. Knowing that Shigaraki wasn’t at the level of All For One, or even the entire league combined, he asked him what he had to show him that would make him follow him, basically.

Let’s talk about My Hero Academia Chapter 222 now. For now, we don’t know what Shigaraki will say. But of course, it is a given that both the doctor and Gigantomachia will end up following him, one way or the other. I think we just don’t know enough about Tomura to get to the point where we can make claims about what he really wants. He wants to destroy the heroes, yes. But that’s a claim. Does he have what it takes to back that up?

That’s exactly what the Doctor and Gigantomachia would want to know, and I think the answer will come at the end of the arc when he probably is the one to defeat the Quirk Liberation Army. By doing that, he would gain the respect of the Doctor and Gigantomachia too. That’s the only way I see this playing, and in my opinion, the doctor will heat Shigaraki’s plan in the next chapter and not be impressed. He’ll then ask him to demonstrate, as we head back to the whole conflict between the League and the Quirk Liberation Army.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222 drops on April 1, 2019. If you’re waiting for the Raw and Scans of the manga, you don’t have to wait long now. The Raws and scans will be out by March 29, 2019.