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iOS 12.3: Beta, And Everything We Know So Far

iOS 12.3 update
iOS 12.3

Apple has confirmed that it will be releasing iOS 12.3. The software is currently in beta ahead of its release for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. If you want to try some of the new features of the then you can just download the beta version. Apple has already rolled out the beta version of iOS 12.3 to developers and to those who are a part of the Beta Software Program. The Beta Software Program is free for people who have a working Apple ID.

There isn’t a confirmedfor iOS 12.3 but, it looks like that it will be released in May ahead of WWDC. Back at its March event, Apple revealed that it would release a softwarealong with updates for the Apple TV in May. It is very likely that these updates are part of the iOS 12.3. It is possible that iOS 12.3 will come out next month.

iOS 12.3 beta works on every device which is capable of running iOS 12. So, this means that older phones such as iPhone 5s, iPhone X, iPhone Air 2 and other models will be run the software. iOS 12.3’s beta has bugs along with other performance issues. These could affect the performance of your phone, its battery life, and its speed.

Currently, Apple is on iOS 12.3 beta 2, and there will most likely be more beta before finally theis released. iOS 12.3 is a milestone upgrade, and it will have a mixture of different stuff. It will have new features, bug fixes, and security patches. All the users will definitely be hyped to see how the finished product will look like.

With the release of Android Q also coming it will definitely be interesting to see what new features iOS 12.3 will provide. Also, if you are really going toto the beta version, then I would highly recommend backing up your data before doing so.