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Hitman Season 3 Trailer And New Update

Hitman Poster
Hitman season 3 Poster

Intelligence involved in preparing a master plan and executing at the right time makes a smart player. Hitman is one such game where the assassin is provided with sufficient details about his task. There are already many fans looking eagerly for the major update from the developers. The eagerness of the players was wrongly guided by the rumors speculating around the social media. It’s been two long years since the Hitman 2 was released, there is an enormous expectation for the next Hitman season.

In this article, I’ll discuss the Hitman season 3 gameplay, features, and new updates. The initial phase of the game was developed by a company based in Denmark. The game made its debut on 21 November 2000. by IO interactive. The popularity of the game made the developers progress with the idea of making it available in all leading game consoles. The game was most popular among the late 90’s and early 20’s kids because of the graphics and performance during the pre-development stage of the gaming industry

Currently, the prequels of the game available in  PlayStation, Xbox One, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows. The game was made initially available in Microsoft windows later made available in all gaming consoles. Its been 20 years since the first sequel of the game was released. The game has also created two novel and graphical novel. The novel is Hitman: Enemy within and Hitman: Damnation which was written by William C. Dietz and Raymond Benson respectively

Hitman Season 3 Trailer

No, there is no trailer available for Hitman Season 3, we’ll provide you with the trailer of last season to get the glimpses of action game. However, this part gets updated once the trailer for the Hitman season 3 drops after the official confirmation.


Hitman Season 3 Update

After facing a lot of queries from the media and fans, IO interactive finally announced their progress in creating the bald assassin for cold-blooded murders. After 13 months from the release of Hitman season 2, the CEO of the company announced the development of the next sequel. The announcement was well received by the fans. The announcement has stirred the curiosity of the fans, making them eagerly look for further updates.

Hitman Season 3 Major Updates

Hitman Season 3 is expected to come up with new features and updates. Developers have always shown keep interest in maintaining the throttling gaming experience. The development community always gives regular updates based on the feedback from the users. Developers need to elevate the current trends to sustain in the fast-growing gaming industry. After 20 years from the launch of the first sequel of the game, the developers will adapt evolving techniques and successful strategies to provide a complete gaming experience. Graphical advancement and enhanced control systems are the major expected updates in the upcoming sequel.

Hitman Season 3 GamePlan

Since season 3 is in the development phase, we’ll provide you with the core theme of the game, which eventually has season 3 gameplan. The main purpose of the player is to complete the mission assigned to him. The player is allowed to use various weapons and strategies to kill the target. Mostly assassin has to kill popular celebrities, big shot, or highly secured persons to complete the mission. Players have to use their logical thinking and analyzing the ability to complete their mission.

Hitman Season 3

Hitman Season 3 Poster

Its been two years since the last sequel of the game was launched. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important tools used by developers to provide gamers with an enhanced experience. Initially, Limited capabilities are provided for the player where he’s suspended to perform actions like jump, scale walls or mantle up ledges. After completing the major missions, he’ll be provided with additional access to climb from higher or lower areas through the use of ladders, stairs, elevators, or hills.

Tension meter or “Suspicion Meter” is the crucial feature of the game. This feature helps the players to know about the surrounding environment. Based on the surveillance from the guards and the public, the meter will provide an alert. 47 is used to hide the dead body in public places to avoid the unwanted state of panic. The players are allowed to hide bodies in places like the basement, under the garbage and hidden public places.

The Players are allowed to kill the victims using a variety of ways like using loud fire alarms, destruction causing melee weapons, or sharp conventional objects chosen by 47. Using conventional weapons allows the players to kill the victim in multiple ways like forward hard stabs, cold-blooded horizontal throat-slitting, heavy frontal slashes, continuous stabs under the ribcage, or inserting the blade into the part of the carotid artery.

Garrote is an important weapon provide to the player. Players are always found with this weapon during missions. This weapon can bypass the metal detector. This is one of the few weapons which can bypass the detector. Mission specific options are provided for killing a target. These options are available in a certain level and restricted during any level of the game.

Hitman season 3

Hitman season 3 poster

47 is allowed to create a strange condition to stimulate the increase in the blood flow for the victims and thereby creating a heart attack. Another way for completing his mission os to perform food adultery adulteration by adding a poisonous substance that can cause a slow death. Player is allowed to appear as a doctor and sabotaging a surgical operation. There are many such strategies adopted for completing the mission.