Gleipnir Episode 7 Preview, and Spoilers

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Glepinir is amongst the spring 2020 animes that got the fans glued to the screens as it managed to develop an interesting story for its fan base. Amongst other anime for this season like Tower of God, Gleipnir is also amongst the top popular Anime for spring 2020 releases.

With most major animes on a Hiatus due to COVID-19, Gleipnir is the anime to go to if you have missed some action. In this post, I have the latest updates about Gleipnir episode 7 spoilers, and previews for the upcoming episodes. Let us start by looking at the schedule for the upcoming episodes below.

Gleipnir Episode 7 update

Gleipnir Episode 6 will be released on Sunday, 17 May 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. Keep in mind that Japanese time is way ahead of most regions. So you might get it much earlier in the day especially if you are from the western parts of the world. Take a look at what happened in the last episode below.


Previously in Gleipnir Episode 6

Kagaya and Clair decided to join the group of the gang to find more information about the leader of the monsters and her sister, Sanbe refuses to join and help random strangers and he said he had vowed to help Kagaya and Clair only after witnessing their strength. The group of the gang decided to form an alliance with them to collect more coins and negotiate with the alien some member of the group couldn’t trust her as she might be dangerous.

A few days back before Clair and Kagaya decided to join the group Clair made a phone call to the member of the group and she told him that he was blackmailed by a monster called Sudo and she told him that she is on his side and Clair send a picture of the dead body of Sudo to his phone, she orders him to stay in his group in order for her and Kagaya to join the group.

Clair went to meet the group while she is inside the body of Kagaya and the group addresses them as one person thinking that it is a lady and asked her to turn back into her normal form and told her that everyone who joins the group must enter into a special pact to complete it well she must be in her normal form, if not so she cant join the group, Clair came out of the body of Kagaya to enter a special pact.

Clair left Kagaya in his monster form to enter a special pact she went with a female member of the group to the other room she took off her clothes and told Clair her secret of blackmailing Ikeuchi to join the group and asked her why she joins the group, Clair went to Kagaya to take her cellphone to reveal why she has joined the group. Clair came back to the room and shows her picture to her sister while explaining that her sister killed her parents and turned Kagaya into a monster.

Female member notices that it is Elena after seeing the picture of her, she told Clair to lie down on the bed to begin the ceremony, she melts a choker woven of her hair inside Clair’s body for her not to reveal any secret of the group. Meanwhile, Yoshioka went to the mountain with Kagaya and enters in his monster body for them to look for her lost wallet that has her ID, Subaru picked up a wallet.

Gleipnir Episode 7 Preview and Updates

That’s all of the updates we have, for now, keep in mind that as soon as the next episode is released. We will be getting more updates about the show and its upcoming schedules. So make sure you visit again.

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