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New Red Faction Leak Comes Out With Screenshot: All You Need To Know About E3 Surprise

Red Faction Evolution

We all know that Surprise form the E3 often gets leaked by the likes of retailer databases or blurry photographs but this time something else leaked info on a new game, it got leaked with the help of screenshot tool.

You might ask what game got leaked? Well, this happened to a game named Red Faction Evolution. This was spotted on Nvidia’s Ansel compatibility page by a user on the Metacouncil forum. Down below, you can see the photo that shows the Red Faction Evolution game.

New Red Faction Leak

Red Faction Evolution

For those who don’t know, Ansel is tech from Nvidia that is used for taking 360-degree screenshots in games, adjusting post-processing, resolution, and so on. It’s a high-powered photo mode that quite a few PC games support these days, including, supposedly, Red Faction Evolution. We haven’t had a Red Faction game since 2011 which was Red Faction Armageddon.

The series came back to life with Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered which released in July 2018. THQ Nordic released this game and gamers are hoping that they would bring back the Red Faction. Moreover, the publisher said that it had 48 unannounced games in development.

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