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Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle Trailer Is Here

Director Mamoru Hosuda is pretty popular among the anime media platform for creating a variety of anime content for all the fans out there and we obviously can not complain. Belle, an animated film, can be considered as his latest projects and is about to release this year. The film is getting its production done under the banner of Studio Chizu. The company has now recently given away a potential trailer internationally about this forthcoming movie which gives a very powerful insight regarding what the story is actually going to be about. Hosuda has worked on a lot of successful anime projects such as Summer Wars as well as The Boy and the Beast. The most recently release work by this director includes Mirai and now, he is all back in his full form to give the fans a brand new anime title to enjoy. This film will mark itself as the newest creation of Hosuda among the many films he has been a part of.

Also, the anime film Belle, is a very special creation among a lot of renowned artists. The tale will be released on the tenth anniversary of Studio Chizu and it is the vreative collaboration between Hosuda as well as a number of ither creators. Other big names attached to the project are Cartoon Saloon who have previously been nominated for the Academy Wards. Their famous content includes Wolfwalkers as well as Song of the Sea. Then we have the legendary Disney animator named Jin Kim who has also provided his meaningful contribution to the tale. Now, given the anticipation which exists among the media platforms right now regarding this upcoming anime film, we have decided to wrap up some of the most important details regarding it.

Mamoru Hosoda's Belle Trailer

Belle – Avatar of Suzi from the upcoming film


Belle – Release Date and Trailer Breakdown

Belle, the new animated film, is set to release in Japan on the 16th of July 2021. This will be the official debut of the tale but the plans regarding its international release, have not been disclosed yet by Studio Chizu. Although, it might be safe to say that an international release is surely going to happen given the fact that the creators have dropped down an international trailer for the film. Yes, now we shall talk about this new trailer which has provided us with English subtitles that comes along with the newest addition to the cast members. It will feature new addition to the cast, that is, Kaho Nakamura voicing the titular character Belle. Other names who have already been confirmed earlier, includes Ryo Narita enacting the role of Shinobu Hisatake. Then we have Shota Sometani playing the part of Shinjiro Chikami. Tina Tamashiro reprises the character of Ruka Watanabe.

The story of Belle follows the character Suzu who is 17 years in age and currently is studying in high school. She resides in the countryside of Kochi Prefecture along with her father after she has lost her mother at a very young age. This story, at the start, gets quite emotional as we see Suzu dancing and singing with her mother. But after her mother dies, she is just not able to sing anymore because of the trauma. We will see that even her father will indulge himself in work and Suzu will grow even more distant from him. This is the point where she will decide to build a solid wall around her heart and lock herself in from the rest of the world.

At this stage in her life, she comes across an online space known as U where she dubs herself with the name Belle. Also, we see that Suzu feels that writing music is the only purpose left in her life. Here, she creates her online Avatar and realizes that this platform, gives her a golden chance to sing again. This is when she comes face to face with a new reality where a little creature which looks like a dragon, appears in front of her. As per the official synopsis of Belle, it has been described that this online platform will create another reality as well as another Belle where she will not be limited to the walls of her original world.

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