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Black Clover Chapter 210 Spoilers: The Other Demon Awakens?

Black Clover Chapter 210 Spoilers

A lot of things happened in the previous chapter of Black Clover. First thing first, it was revealed that Secre doesn’t really know why and how Asta got the five-leaf grimoire. Second, the Word Demon’s body can grow more mouths, and that’s after sustaining heavy damage from Asta and Yuno’s attack. And last but not least, the Word Demon is becoming crazier and angrier. In Black Clover chapter 210, will another demon awaken?

The battle against the Word Demon had already taken a lot of chapters. It seems like we will see another tag team from Licht and Lumiere. Now that the Word Demon is enraged, it might be trickier for them to defeat him. From chapter 207, the Word Demon mentioned a seal which is likely broken by Asta’s attack. Now that his seal is broken, there is a chance that even using Asta and Yuno’c combination, landing an attack would be very difficult.

Black Clover chapter 210 might introduce another demon who can defeat the Word Demon. The demon residing on Asta’s grimoire might finally appear now that the final battle seems is here. The five-leaf clover in Asta’s grimoire is now visible. Even Lumiere noticed that in the last chapter. If there’s something that can hurt the Word Demon, that would be Anti-Magic. Asta can only utilize a small portion of that anti-magic, and he might need the other demon’s help in this battle. If the other demon awakens, will he take Asta’s body given the fact that he is also almost at its limit?

Another thing to take note is the fact that Yami and the Tsun Tsun Princess is now near the battlefield. Yami’s Dark Magic can hurt the Word Demon. With the help of the others, he might be able to help in finishing the battle. And that’s all or Black Clover chapter 210 predictions. Will Licht and Lumiere be able to weaken the Word Demon? We’ll find out in the next chapter.