Was it Love Episode 1 Streaming Details

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Was it Love

Was it Love will be making its debut on television in July. This is the story of Noh Ae Jung who is a movie producer and single mom. She has been living on her own for 14 years, but she has also given up on romance. She finds herself willing to live another life for a change were four men walk into her life at the same time. The first man is her ex-boyfriend Oh Dae Oh, a bestselling novelist who is described as a charming bad boy. We will be talking about Was it Love Episode 1 details.

Oh, Dae Oh is irresistibly tempting to women, even when they know they should stay away. The second man is a million-dollar smile a-list actor Ryu Jin, who is described as pitiful. He is even great on paper and perfect in every way, Ryu Jin has a surprisingly different kind of appeal hiding behind his movie-star persona. The third man is Oh Yeon Woo who looks cheerful and confident.

He is a physical education teacher who makes women’s hearts flutter in spite of his young age. His endearingly pure-hearted desire to win Noh Ae Jung’s affection is certain to win viewers over. The fourth man is Koo Pa Do exudes a tough, manly aura as the scary but sexy former gangster who has turned over a new leaf and is now a CEO.

He keeps on holding a flower in his hand that hints at the warm heart hiding behind his intimidating exterior. Their life becomes like a competition to who will win the women. Their love stories become like 4-against-1 romance.

Was it Love

Was it Love Episode 1 update

Was it Love Episode 1 will be released on Wednesday, 8 July 200, at 20:30 PM South Korean Time. This drama releases its new episode on Wednesday and Thursday. You can catch the latest episode on South Korea Tv channel jTBC. This drama is coming to Tv for its first season. For those who are not around the South Korea region, they can use the streaming details below.

You can stream new episodes of Was it Love on Netflix with English subtitles along with the episode that is being broadcasted on Tv.  Was it Love include characters like Song Ji Hyo asNoh Ae Jun, Koo Ja Sung as Oh Yeon Woo, and Kim Min Joon as Goo Pa Do. Those are the main role characters. let’s take a look at the official trailer of Was it Love down here.

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