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Bandai Namco Action Blue Protocol: Debut Trailer Released

The recent development has come from Bandai Namco when earlier this week, the company made an announcement about their online action-RPG game titled Blue Protocol. The game’s debut trailer was also released earlier today.

Blue Protocol us an all Tales game, with an online multiplayer and with some light MMO elements. It sports a more stylized look than the Tales of Arise. Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol promises something written below:

(We’ve translated the official description into English).
Planet Regnus was once ruled by a divine tribe, that lived using a mystical light. Centuries later, the planet is in ruins. The only remains on the planet are some treasures and a dark secret. You, as a player can start your journey in this forsaken paradise, shed some light on the truths and become part of its history.

Many many centuries and millennia later, the divine tribes that once lived on the planet Regnus, have left for the heavens. An era of human rule arrived. While looking at some sort of remaining light, people reached the ruins of the Bapharia. Baphari means lost technologies, shining treasures, monsters attacking, and some towering ancient structures. Now we’re fighting for the fate of the planet of Regnus.

Blue Protocol will be available on PC and, so far, we’ve heard that it is only announced for Japan. Area wise, it may be limited, but it is a large-budget production. We think that Blue Protocol will get a western release in time. Alongside its debut trailer drop, a website has launched where Bandai Namco has also announced a closed alpha that will run from July 26 to July 28.

Blue Protocol doesn’t have a update yet.

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