Watch: Sony’s Next Generation of Rollable Smartphones, Prototype Video and Features

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The foldable smartphone would soon be a thing of past as tech giant SONY is undertaken an impossible task and now made it possible. One might think as per now, there are no foldable smartphones available for end-users to use as companies are facing a hard time making them durable and after Samsungs’s issue foldable smartphone require more fixing and testing. However, Sony is rumored to be making a leap in the smartphone industry by working on a more advanced device, a 5G-capable rollable smartphone.

This news comes from twitter user and Samsung fanatic Max J.

The sources mentioned some unconfirmed specification for this upcoming phone, and it’s said to be a fierce competitor to the current flagship phone and more advanced (ofc because it’s rollable ). Specification includes A Snapdragon 855 SoC and Qualcomm X50 modem chip. The device would be built following the “Nautilus design” principles, and the report also attaches a 2016 Samsung prototype of a rollable display.

Other specification includes a massive 3220mAh battery combined with SM7250 SoC, alongside a top-notch LG Display to provide the best image and a 10x Zoom Camera. While this rumored upcoming Sony device is still an alleged device, but we know this is possible because Samsung had shown off the capabilities of this technology back in May 2016.

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