Fatal Promise Episode 69 Streaming Details

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Fatal Promise

This Wednesday we kick off with Fatal Promise for the third time in a row only two episodes left for this week. Let’s see what happens with the latest updates on Wednesday here. After Eun Dong tells Tae that she loves him. Mrs. Choi goes to Tae In’s house to tell his father about the heart transplant he had. Eun Dong also discovers about the heart transplant and she leaves Tae In’s house with Eun.

Jun Hyuk gets his DNA test result with Jung Hee’s child and starts trembling. Tae In’s parents decide to keep Eun Dong in their house. Jun Hyuk orders Mr. Nam to get Eun Chan’s DNA checked. Tae In and Eun Dong gets the DNA test result that shocks them. After they read the results everything changed in their life they decided to tell others.

Ji Hoon and Eun Dong shares important news in front of everyone and his family. After the news is shared Joon Hyuk is surprised to find out that Eun Dong’s brother is his son. He can not stop getting involved with Cha Eun Chan’s life. Eun Dong is scared that Joon Hyuk might try to take Cha Eun Chan away from her and left her alone.

Fatal Promise
Fatal Promise

Eun Dong went to the lawyer to sue Jun Hyuk for taking Cha Eun Chan without her knowledge. Mrs. Min went to Eun Dong’s house and asks her to drop the charges. Eun Dong told Mrs. Min to kneel just like her father had to in the past. Chairman Han invites Ji Hoon and Eun Dong for them to get permission from him to get married.

Fatal Promise Episode 69 Streaming Details

Viewers will be able to get Fatal Promise episode 69 when it is released on Wednesday,  8 July 2020 at 17:50 Korean Standard Time. Local fans will be able to catch new episodes first on KBS2 as they will be released every Monday up until Friday. For streaming purposes for those who watch this show from different regions, then you can use the official streaming details for Fatal Promise below.

You will be able to watch Fatal Promise episode 63 online on the Dramacool streaming websites. Viewers will be able to get all episodes with English subtitles up to the latest broadcasted episode. So if you want to get the next episode as soon as it is released then you will have to wait after its local broadcast when it is uploaded for all viewers. For the latest updates, you will have to check every weekday as a new day comes with a new episode and update to the episodes guide.

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