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Victoria Season 4: update, Cast, Plot and New Updates

Victoria Season 4 update

The British historical series Victoria concluded its third season, and fans can’t wait to see what happens after the exciting finale of season 3. Created by Daisy Goodwin, the show made its official debut back in 2016, and with each passing day, juicy updates on season 4 are surfacing up.

We have gathered all the details and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about Victoria Season 4.

Victoria Season 4 Plot and New Updates:

Victoria Season 4 Spoilers

Victoria Still

Season 3 of Victoria followed Albert and Victoria as they navigate a different phase in their life with new struggles as they now have six children, and with new responsibilities, some hurdles have come up in their marriage. As the season went on, fans got to see the dynamics of the duo, and how they both tried to do their best in their individual lives, however, with the arrival of Princess Feodora, Queen Victoria’s estranged half-sister, things have now taken a new turn, and we all await season 4 to see what lies ahead in the story.

As of now, ITV is yet to announce the official renewal of Victoria, and since season 3’s conclusion in May 2019, numerous speculations have come up, that indicates the show’s renewal in the upcoming months. The official storyline of Victoria Season 4 is yet to be revealed, however, it is expected to follow after the finale of season 3, and the writer Daisy Goodwin has teased some exciting updates for season 4.

Daisy teased that a certain character would die in Victoria Season 4, and she also revealed that the upcoming season would be ‘an absolute humdinger,’ ‘challenging,’ and a ‘very good story.’ Although she didn’t reveal the identity of the character who’ll be dying, fans speculate that it’s most probably Prince Albert who will end up dying since he is already in his 30s, and he died in his early 40s in real life.

Goodwin also added that the death of a character marks the arrival of a new one, and thus, it’s quite challenging for her to write, however, she is equally excited and hopes to have a good reaction from the fans. As for the fate of the show, Goodwin feels that there is so much more in the story of Queen Victoria to tell which is why she feels that the show might go on for at least 5 seasons.

In a recent interview with Tatler, Jenna Coleman teased that season 4 would most likely continue after the finale of season 3 which saw Queen Victoria giving birth to their seventh child, and just like Goodwin, Jenna too feels that the show has still a lot of good stories to tell before it wraps up for good.

Victoria Season 4 update and Cast:

All the main actors will make their return for Victoria Season 4, which means fans will see Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, Adrian Schiller, Tommy Knight returning to play Queen Victoria, Prince Consort Albert, Mr. Penge, and Archibald Brodie. Other actors returning include Laurence Fox (Lord Palmerston), Kate Fleetwood (Feodora), John Sessions (Prime Minister John Russell), and others.

Victoria Season 4 is expected to arrive on ITV either in 2020’s fall or sometime in 2021. The official update is yet to be revealed, however, we will keep you posted as soon as ITV makes the announcement.

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