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One Piece Reveals Major Trafalgar Law vs Basil Hawkins Fight In Episode 906

One Piece Trafalgar Law vs Basil Hawkins

One Piece Episode 906 aired recently, and it was easily one of the best episodes that we’ve seen in the arc so far. Even though the pacing wasn’t as great as it could’ve been, the episode was fairly enjoyable and it was easy to see that a lot of effort was put into making it. One Piece Episode 906 gave us something that we had been waiting for for a long time now, and that is a big Trafalgar Law fight.

One Piece Episode 906 update

One Piece Episode 906 Reveals Basil Vs Law

We haven’t seen Law in action since Dressrosa now. What’s more, we haven’t even seen Basil Hawkins in action until recently at Wano Country. So, for the fans of both these characters, it was incredible to see them being involved in the story once again.

The fight was also extended to quite an extent when compared to the manga. As we’ve mentioned before, Nagamine has decided to make Wano Country a bit more informative in the anime than it is in the manga, and that’s what helps set the pacing, and at the same time, provide more supplementary information to the manga. It was great to see both Law and Hawkings fighting against each other, and for us, it could well be the most impressive Wano Country episode to date.

Of course, a lot of that is based on our Trafalgar Law bias though. All jokes aside, the next few episodes of Wano Country in One Piece are going to be even better, but first, we have the Romance Dawn Special coming our way next week. Hopefully, it’ll be enjoyable for the fans to watch.

What are your thoughts on Trafalgar Law vs Basil Hawkins? Who do you think is stronger? Let us know in the comments section below!

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