For tonight’s episode of Bluff City Law, titled ‘Fire in a Crowded Theater’, a young woman is murdered. Elijah and Anthony take on hate speech in a case against controversial leader Campbell Mathers, who is represented by Elijah’s former friend and attorney Rachel Madsen.

Here are a few essential details about tonight’s episode:

Bluff City Law: Season 1 Episode 4 out tonight on NBC.

Show: Bluff City Law
Airdate: 14 October 2019
Previous episode: 25 Years to Life
Next episode: When the Levee Breaks
Network: NBC

And here’s the trailer for the same episode (1×4):

In case you haven’t watched the previous three episodes, they are available on

It was just this September that ABC welcomed a new drama series that concentrates on an elite law firm based in Memphis. If you are planning to watch the first season of Bluff City Law online, we’ll show you how to do that and a lot more.

The main cast of Bluff City Law includes Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee and it is a show that has a lot of potential. The center of the show is an elite law firm that takes on the most contentious civil rights cases.

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Bluff City Law started airing on NBC since September 23rd, 2019, and it has been great so far. It was given the 10 P.M. time slot on Mondays. Initially, the show was deemed to have only 10 episodes, but in August, another six episodes were added to the list. It still is a mystery if the final number of episodes will be 16, NBC may add even more episodes to the list, depending upon the response, we guess.

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