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One Piece 963 Spoilers: Young Whitebeard, Execution, And Oden’s Decision

One Piece 963 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 963, is just around the corner, and spoilers are out early today. We have a near full summary of the chapter, that includes lots of interesting details and revelations we were waiting to know.

In the last chapter, we saw two mink stranded on the beach of Wano Country, and we also saw Kawamatsu there. Fast forward in the latest chapter, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu are being executed, they are treated as monsters.

One Piece Chapter 963 Spoilers

Hundreds of years ago, the Mink Tribe of Zou and Kozuki Family of Wano made an appointment; if one of them experiences hardship, they must help each other. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were interested in this ancient story, and this is originally why they sailed the sea and somehow ended up stranded on the beach of Wano, and from there, they were captured and were about to be executed.

Oden finally showed up at the execution and saved three of them, and took them under his care, Kawamatsu was stranded in Wano with his mother because their ship sank. We also got the learn about the real identity of Kawamatsu, he is not actually a Kappa, but he’s a Fishman, his deceased mother told him that the Fishmen were discriminated against on the surface, so to survive, he claimed to be a kappa.

Whitebeard Pirates Reaches Wano

Kozuki Oden was interested in meeting the new Whitebeard Pirates, who ended up Kuri with a damaged ship. (in a way, they too got stranded in the Wano for the time being.) They needed a week’s worth of time to repair the ship, and Oden decided that he wanted to get on Whitebeard’s ship.

We also got to see Young Marco, Diamond Jozu, and other members of the newly formed Whitebeard Pirates. We also have screenshots from the manga, but as they are leaked from the unreleased manga, so we cannot post it here.

Oden’s father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, had fallen ill, so he went to visit him, Sukiyaki was really surprised to see his son, who had grown rapidly, and this was their last fateful meeting.

One Piece 963 update

One Piece Chapter 963 will officially release on Monday, 25 November 2019. However, you will be able to read the manga online tomorrow on unofficial platforms. We highly recommend you wait for the official release and read it online on Viz.