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10 Perfect Holiday Christmas Movies To Watch This December 2019

Christmas movies to watch

It is a great and exciting time of the year as the Hallmark holiday movies are approaching. They have introduced 40 new films that we can watch in the winter holidays. The movies are starred by people’s favorite Danica Mckellar, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrew Walker, and Lacey Chabert. A few of them will take place in picturesque small towns.

The celebration of the movies have begun on the 25th of October with A Merry Christmas Wish and will continue to air till the 28th of December with A New Year’s Resolution. So many movies will give a lot of options to the people to watch from. The ten films below will definitely win the viewer’s heart by their magical Christmas theme.

Write before Christmas

The movie will be released on the 17th of November. It starts Torrey DeVitto and Chad Michael Murray. This movie has a feeling of a new spirit in the new Christmas season. Jessica sends a Christmas card to five different people. There is a surprise reunion between Murray and DeVitto, and the theme of love sets in. Murray has mentioned that the movie shows how fate affects life. This movie will bring about the warmth of sending Christmas wishes through cards.

The Mistletoe Secret

The movie features Kellie Pickler’s third collaboration with the Hallmark channel. Her first movie Christmas at Graceland became the most-watched in 2018. It premiered on 10th November. In the movie, Pickler desires Sterling Masters, a travel writer, to feature on her beloved town of Midway and family’s business, The Mistletoe Diner. The twist in the story comes when the truth is revealed that Alex has written the content. Alex and Aria( Kellie Pickler) fall in love. There are a charm and romance in the movie which will turn on the holiday cheer.

A Christmas Love story

Kristine Chenoweth has starred in the movie and plays a young director who gets directed from writing her big Christmas Eve song. The distraction is due to a young boy, Danny, and his widowed father. It will release on the 7th of December. The movie is about to bring some delight in the holiday season and will feature original songs of Hallmark. It will have an emotional theme and might become of one the best Hallmark’s Christmas movies. Some special features will be the chemistry between Chenoweth and Wolf and the good directing of Eric Close.

Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays

The movie premiered on the 23rd of November. It won’t have the cast as Kellie Pickler. Instead, it has a new set of casts. The story revolves around Harper Ellis, a world traveler who comes back to Memphis for the holidays. She prepares for an interview for a job abroad, meanwhile, works as an au pair for her widowed father and three children. The show features the great location of Graceland. There is a lot of romance and a couple of clashes in the movie. The starring actors are Kaitlin Doubleday and Adrian Grenier. It is going to be an entertaining tale as fans are expecting.

Christmas at Dollywood

The movie has a cameo by Dolly Parton and sets in her famous theme park. The starring actors are Niall Matter as Luke, who is an event planner in New York. He comes to Tennessee to plan a Christmas celebration at Dollywood. He meets Rachel Lewis (Danica Mckellar), head of operations of the theme park. He doesn’t want to work with her, and Lewis disagrees. The movie focuses on Parton’s land of wonders with some delight of holidays. The magical place of Dollywood will be the main focus of the movie. It premieres on 8th December.

Sense, Sensibility, and Snowman

The movie premieres on the 30th of November and is directed by Jane Austen. The story is about two sisters, Ella and Marianne, who own the party planning business. Ella meets a client Edward, a toy company CEO. Mellisa De La Cruz wrote the novel version of the movie. With the theme of the holiday, its a great combination to watch the twist with the Dashwood sisters. The movie showcases a love romance between Ella and Edward.

A Christmas Duet

The movie shows a reunion of a former couple and duo during the holidays. Jessie does a music tour and is brought to an inn that she used to own. A Christmas festival is organized for the inn, and she pairs up with the team. They remember the old music and romanticism develops. The main theme of the movie is Music, and we watch how these exes make a piece of beautiful music together.

Time For You To Come Home For Christmas

The movie is produced by Blake Shelton based on a popular song on the same name. Allison Sweetney and Lucas Bryant star in the movie. The movie is about Katherine, a single mother who got widowed recently. She meets veteran Jack on the train. They talk and find common experiences. The two find a connection while volunteering to help to raise money for military families. The movie features some seriousness, with the main themes being patriotism and loss. However, it is exciting to watch what the actors bring out in the movie

Christmas on my mind

Ashley Greene stars as Lucy, and Andrew Walker plays Zach in the movie. The movie will be released on the 19th of December. In the movie, Lucy goes through short-term amnesia and finds herself in a wedding dress and doesn’t understand the situation. She finds herself to be engaged to a new man instead of Zach and goes back to Harbor, Maine, to find answers. A new concept has been seen in the movie with an element of suspense. Jackée Harry also shows her talents as a supporting role in the movie.

Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

The story narrates how Hannah (Jen Lilley), a book editor, collaborates with her former rival Ryan( Carlo Marks), to help other potential writers. An Angel comes named Anthony, who helps them by reminding the importance of community. The movie premieres on the 15th of December. It is originally written by Melissa De La Cruz.
The Angel reminds people of the importance of goodness. It is a classic with a touch of romance, singing, merry, and cheer. You have to stay tuned to the Hallmark Channel to get in touch with the great movies listed in this post.