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Pokemon GO Adds New Feeding And Other Interaction Feature To The Game

Niantic’s augmented reality game Pokemon GO added another feature in the game called the “Buddy Adventure”. This is a feature that lets the player interact more with his or her pokemon in the game. In addition to this, interactions with the pokemon will give players more perks and in-game benefits.

Pokemon GO will now let you feed your pokemon and walk them in the park with the “Buddy Adventure” update. Just like in classic Pokemon games, you can now feed your Pokemon with Berries, which will increase the Buddy Level. It’s not yet announced whether there will be a different kind of berries just like in the original game, but we will know for sure when thestarts rolling in 2020.

Each Pokemon will have different reactions in each interaction. If you’re afraid to try out other pokemon’s reaction, the game will not reset your candy earning progress anymore.  Watch some of the in-game footage below.

Along with berries, players can also give their buddies a quick treat straight from the profile page. Each interaction and food that is given to the Pokemon increases the level of what is called the “Buddy Level”. With each level, there is a corresponding benefit that makes the game fun and more engaging. The first level is called “Good Buddy”, in which your buddy is also visible in the map view with you.

The next level is named “Great Buddy”, where your buddy can help you in catching Pokemon. Your buddy can also pick up items along the way. “Ultra Buddy” gives your buddy the ability to pinpoint interesting places in the vicinity. A new in-game item called Souvenirs will also be available.

“Best Buddy” is the last buddy level available. At this level, your pokemon buddy will have a Best Buddy Ribbon and CP boost in each combat. Once the buddy is in the highest mood, you’ll get half the distances for candy, x2 heart multiplier, and bonus hearts. What makes this experience better is that you can share this experience with the Shared AR Experience mode.