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Shameless Season 10 Episode 7: ‘Citizen Carl’ Review

Shameless has proved to be a show filled with selfish characters who can surprisingly also do good things. The episode Citizen Carl revolves around the Gallaghers trying to help others, even though they have their own selfish motives behind it. This kind of help definitely contributes to the positivity but also brings new problems for the Gallagher family.


There is a lot of weird stuff that goes on in this episode of Shameless, but the strangest of them is the love story of Frank. He is in love with Faye, who seems to be too mysterious as if she is not in love, but on a mission to get out information about him, we are saying based on the way she gets invested in him. It is not easy to digest the bond and connection that has grown between the two. Faye seems to be too perfect, and she is homeless too, and that gets her sympathy from Frank.

Lip and Tami

Lip and Tami are seen to be busy with their babies, and they are doing a great job indeed. They face a challenge ahead, that is, to get some intimacy. Finally, after a long period of stress, they are able to get intimate again. The Tami family also faces a challenge to return to an easier life, and Tami is frustrated with the RV life.

Lip is undergoing a struggle with the challenge of parenting. Debbie has been seen to earn easy money from scams, and it just grows with time in terms of places and the extent of scams.

Shameless needs to improve on some areas like they have not given much importance to the Gallaghers and have introduced a new world of characters. Improving on some areas such as this could help the show mark a good finish to the season. The next episodes seem promising in portraying some weird stuff as well, such as Frank selling dinosaur eggs and Debbie turning into a sex robot.