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Jane The Virgin Season 5 Air Date Pushed Back? New Rumors

Jane The Virgin Season 5 update

Fans of Jane The Virgin have had a rough time recently. We’re already in 2019, and unfortunately, we have no official update for Jane The Virgin Season 5. The show usually premiered in the Fall of every year, but that’s not been the case with Season 5. Jennie Urman’s Instagram post from some time ago implied that Jane The Virgin Season 5 will air in January.

However, it is surprising to see that we don’t even have a update or a trailer for the upcoming season of Jane The Virgin. So, is the show really going to air in January? Are we going to get a trailer this week? Let’s discuss all that in this post. Before we begin, make sure that you don’t continue with this post if you’re not caught up with the series. If spoilers don’t bother you though, we can get started.

Usually, an official trailer or at least a teaser appears a few weeks before the premiere of a show. The fact that Jane The Virgin Season 5 has still not received one means that we’re looking at another delay in the show’s premiere. I don’t think Jane The Virgin Season 5 will premiere in January 2019 anymore.

However, we are still pretty sure that Jane The Virgin Season 5 will air in the first quarter of 2019. Urman’s tweet certainly did imply that they’re looking at an early release. According to Actor Brett Dier, who plays Michael on the show, the first three episodes of the upcoming season are ready to air.

That does give us some solid hope. In my opinion, Jane The Virgin Season 5 could be out around February or March 2019. We may get a trailer in February. Of course, this is just speculation though.

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