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Vikings Season 5 Episode 18: Preview And update

Season 5 of Michael Hirst’s epic History Channel series Vikings is back on Amazon Prime in the UK as well as History in the US. The highly anticipated Vikings premiered on November 28, 2018. Episode 17 of the same aired just yesterday. The next episode in line, 18 is titled as “Baldur.” Season 5 of Vikings is airing Part 2 of the same. Season 5 was divided into two parts; each Season consisted of ten episodes. Same happened with Season 4. Today we’ll discuss what’s in store for Episode 18 and Lagertha’s story. Keep reading if you want to know.

Season 5, as it looks from the trailer drop shows Ivar’s great surprise. An army of Vikings has shown up on Alfred’s shores, and the battle is about to begin. Episode 18 will air on History in just a matter of one week from now. There are major characters in this episode so that should tell us the importance of this one. In this episode, it looks like Floki makes a move closer to try and reunite with some other major characters. And this is a key element because it will lead us to Ivar’s storyline. Moreover, once the baby comes along, Ivar will move back to England and finish off the fight that Harald started and lost. A unique twist on the story of which Ivar is unaware of is that Harald and Bjorn have joined forces to reclaim control of Kattegat.

Season 6 is going to be the last of Vikings, so that leaves less room for Lagertha’s character. So far she’s been missing in action, but we hope to see more of her in whatever is left of Season 5 of Vikings and Season 6 of course. Vikings Season 5 won’t end without character deaths. So you should expect major characters to be killed off! Also, let’s hope they keep Hvitserk safe and sound. The guy hasn’t been himself lately. As you may know, Ivar forced him to leave Kattegat to become an ambassador for him. He made Hvitserk do so because he needs help gain allies for the final march on Alfred. Meanwhile, Hvitserk continues to be clueless about life and everything else in general.

Episode 18 of Vikings Season 5 will premiere on January 16, 2019.

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