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Special Season 2:Details, Cast and Plot

Special Season 2
Special Season 2

Adopted from Ryan O’ Connell’s memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, Special is a unique and heartwarming series which is premiered on Netflix. The series is inspired by the real journey of successful bloggers who have thousands of followers. Belonging to a comic and witty genre, Netflix has shifted the paradigm and set yet another milestone by releasing this series, which was first released on 12th April 2019.

The protagonist and writer of the series are Ryan O’ Connell, who plays the role of a gay man with cerebral palsy. After the successful Season 1, we can confidently say that the show comes as a breath of fresh air.

What is Special Season 2 Plot?

The series revolves around a gay character named Ryan Kayes, who suffers from mild cerebral palsy. Ryan is not open to his illness and keeps his sufferings to himself. He makes his colleagues believe that his disability is due to the aftermath of a car accident and not because of an inborn neurological disorder.

The show lists several ups and downs in the life of Ryan as he reaches his twenties. It was then he realizes that he should happily embrace his reality and come out of his closet. The tagline of the show aptly summarises his realization –

“Why be normal when you can be… Special?”

It is thrilling for the audience to see how a gay and disabled man with cerebral palsy, who considered himself a loser, became an influencer. Our hero goes through rigorous trial and error and eventually figured out how to take his life from bleak to hit and began progressing towards adulthood.

Who is Special Season 2 Cast?

The lead character of the show is Ryan Kayes, which is played by Ryan O’ Connell. He was also the editor of Thought Catalog, which is contributed to Vice, Buzzfeed, and several other publications.

Other lead characters of the show include Jessica Hecht (Karen Kayes), Punam Patel (Kim Laghani), Marla Mindelle (Carey), Augustus Prew (Carey), among others.

When is Special Season 2 update?

Season 2 is expected to hit the screens in April 2020, though there is no official word yet from Netflix. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted.