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Dirty John Season 2: Netflix Air Date And Plot Anticipations

Dirty John premiered internationally on February 14, 2019. For those of you who don’t know, Dirty John is an American true crime television series which is based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffard. Netflix defines it as a new eight-part series; the website description says that Businesswoman namely Debra Newell’s life takes a different turn when she falls into the trap, the countless lies, and manipulation of a con man named John Meehan. Dirty John premiered on¬†November 25, 2018, on Bravo and then internationally on Netflix.

If you are wondering whether Dirty John is a work of fiction or based on a book, the answer is no. It is in based on a real crime podcast which is, in fact, a first-hand account from a 2017 Los Angeles Times podcast. As I said, it tells the tale of Debra Newell, portrayed by Connie Britton. So the plot goes something like, Debra who is a very successful middle-aged interior designer and she happens to falls in love with wealthy anaesthesiologist John Meehan played by Eric Bana.

She falls for John’s lies from the very beginning. John gives a false identity of himself, and he is not who he claims to be. John sounds too good to be true for Debra. So that’s precisely what happens. It is Debra’s daughters who think something is up with John. Debra decided to go with the flow, she follows her heart, opens up to what John has to say to her but the end of it is dramatic and violent.

Dirty John, Season 1 may have shaken the audiences internationally, but the question remains, when does Season 2 of Dirty John come out. Fact is, there are no details on Season 2. People tried digging a little deeper, but nothing is known as of now. It was in January of 2018 when Bravo picked up Dirty John for Season 2. The drama did do exceedingly well, yet we do not have any details on when Dirty John Season 2 would come out. It is too soon to tell as of now. What we do know is, Dirty John Season 2 would be entirely a different chapter altogether. It won’t focus on Debra’s tale anymore. More as we have it.

Dirty John Season 2 update

Dirty John has been moved to USA network from Bravo, and the second season will be aired on the USA. No confirmedhas been announced. We expect John Dirty season 2 to come out in Fall 2020.

Dirty John Season 2 Trailer

We now have an official trailer for you, which will give you some spoilers about the upcoming season. Check the trailer out below!