Destiny 2: Season Of Opulence update And New Features

Destiny 2 players will be getting more content to play with Season of Opulence. It is the last known season of content for this year. The new will bring a new Raid, more armor and weapons. There is also a brand new six-player match activity. When you take a look at the roadmap, you can see that some things have been censored. So, it’s fairly obvious that Bungie is trying to keep the info hidden. The word “Opulence” suggests that there is a possibility that we will be going back to Emperor Calus’ domain.

Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten’s appearance in the game didn’t particularly make the fans happy. I would say the players had ambivalent feelings about their inclusion. Both of them are very strong in the Crucible, and using them gives you a feeling of power. However, if you are on the receiving end, then you won’t be pleased.

Each weapon’s power lies in the “Magnificent Howl,” which allows you to deal bonus damage if you manage to land two precision shots in a row. Once you activate this ability, your power is unrivaled. So, it is being adjusted. Magnificent Howl will increase only body-shot damage, which results on two headshot/one body-shot kill. They are also changing the weapon’s archetype. They are moving it from a 180 RPM Hand Cannon to 150 RPM precision weapon.

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence is expected to be released in June, and it will most likely run till the end of August. If you take a look at the previous seasons, it is fairly obvious that we will get Season of Opulence in the first week of June.

Bungie is bringing a few notable changes to the game. One of them is changing the way how Enhancement Cores work for infusion. Scrapper Bounties are going to be removed, and Enhancement Cores will be made more accessible. The new season will bring new armor and weapons as I said.

Updated on 17 May 2019:

Finally, we have a update for Destiny 2: Season of Opulence, and it is not too far. It has exactly got the date we expected, which was in June, and the confirmed date is 4 June. The season will be live till August 2019, and there will be a new raid available as well.

The new raid, which will be launched with Season of Opulence, is called Crown of Sorrow. It is possible that the new raid will require players to download the new DLC Penumbra, which is also required for Season of Opulence. The raid will go live at 7 PM ET, so mark the date and time to play the raid. Also, the power level for the first raid is 715. Therefore, keep that in mind as well.

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